Thursday, February 11, 2010

Received February 6, 2010

Jamie/Angel sent from above -

You, my dear, put me to SHAME! If you only knew how much your DearElder and handwritten letters meant to me - Oh, I just want to hug you! I really wish I could just write you sheets and sheets detailing every single adventure here, if only I had the time.

I'm disappointed in my parents for not forwarding the e-mails! Grr. I'll have to get on them for that. I definitely want to keep you in the know about everything going on here. Really, James, I'm amazed at how comfortable I've been here. I was more homesick in Germany for sure and even then I wasn't that homesick, so that should serve as a good indicator for my comfortableness (?) here. (I'm pretty sure Spanish i messing up my English.)

Did I tell you my teachers both served their missions in Spain? And they are AWESOME. It makes such a difference to be taught by people who firmly believe in the things they're teaching. Plus it's fun to make fun of the Spanish "lisp." :)

(regarding the text above) Evidence that I haven't changed much. :) ("Grathias, Hermano Anderthon.")

P-day goes by fast. We do laundry at 6 to beat the rush, eat breakfast, shower, study, e-mail, go to lunch, go to the temple, study more, practice for choir, go to dinner and go to devotional (which is where I am now, furiously scribbling this before it starts.) Not a whole lot of downtime!

You will be hearing much more from me, dearest. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

¡Hasta luego! Con amor.

Hma. Brewster :)

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